Common Shores Links

Love is in the Air

To celebrate 200 years of peace this an experience allowing the user to fly through the air around the fortress
Download Android App
Marika, Lars Erik, Gorki, Birgitta
Requires Mobile VR Headset

The grumpy general

A toilet scene based on the story of a king’s letter
Download Video
Ivan, Moazima, Anton, Jenni, Ingrid

The Hidden People

A story/game about the ordinary people of Bohus Fortress
Download Wonda Project
Anna, Michi, Tone, Jeppe, Erik
Requires the Wonda App and a Mobile VR Headset


An experience about Thomas Leopold’s imprisonment at the fortress
Download link coming...
Joakim, Tor, Egil, Pelle, Saleen
Requires HTC Vive


A captured experience from the tower Mors Mössa
Download link coming...
Gabriel, Martin, Grace, Louise, Dan

The Trial

A modern day visit to the castle turns into a witch trial
Download Android App
Adam, Eva, Joshka, Tim, Erik
Requires Mobile VR Headset


Development Tools

Unity 3D

Tools & Software

Google VR
Stem VR
Samsung Gear 360 (ask for licence key onsite, PC only)
Nikon Keymission 360
Ricoh Theta S
Structure Sensor

Media Assets

Bohus Fortress 3D model of the fortress by Hugo Nordell (CC BY)
Open Gameart (Art, music, sound effects)
Freesound (Sound effects)
Sound Bible (Sound Effects)
SketchFab (3D Models)
TurboSquid (3D Models)

Inspirational Material